Sunday, March 8, 2009

Deaf Animal Row transitions to Deaf

Hi all of our dedicated, loyal visitors!

We are happy to say we are broadening our goals and website.  We have decided to change our name to Deaf Animals instead of Deaf Animal Row, so it is time for us to move over to 

If you used to subscribe here, please sign up again over at because we weren't able to import our long, long list of e-mail addresses from our old e-mail service to the new one.

A primary part of our website will still be deaf animals on death row, however, like you have already seen, we do include posts about deaf animals, success stories and videos of owner-animal bonding, and so on.  

Later on, our dream will be to have a website with specific tabs where people can click to go to Death Row, Success Stories, Instructions, FAQ and most importantly, a map of the USA/Canada (and more!) with flags in specific cities where deaf animals need to be rescued and so on.  If any one of you out there is a web designer and want to donate your time to us, we will be eternally grateful!

A bigger dream of ours is to have regional Deaf Animal sanctuaries in various areas of the world rescuing Deaf Animals on death row, giving them a temporary home and preparing them to be adopted.  Remember we include all Deaf "plus" animals, which means DeafBlind, Deaf & HIV+, Deaf & CP, Deaf amputees and so on.  Those friends are the ones that need our help the most.

See you over there!  This blog will be closed down shortly.  With Loving Thanks,
Deaf Animals all over the World!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Deaf Dog in Calif Has Until 3 PM Today!

I work at the Contra Costa Animal Services in CA. A deaf dog will be returned to the shelter by 3:00 today. I need to find a possible owner before then! Please put the word out and have anyone call me at 925-642-8099 or email me at We're desperate!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boxer Mix has Limited Time in Shelter in CA!

A244279 - This gorgeous girl loves to cuddle and needs someone to take her home and care for her. She is well behaved and responds to the "sit" command. She loves to play and needs an owner or family that can pay her the attention she deserves.

Here's a videoclip of her and her slightly underbite is irresistible!:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 Months Deaf Old Pup to Die by Gas Chamber!

Listed as St. Bernard X but I believe it is a cattle mix, Male, 3 months old. Needs rescue asap. Will put to sleep on March 6, 2009. Please circulate if you can take!! Very sweet, good with other dogs.

Please contact Michelle Shead, Rescue Coordinator with the Anderson County Animal Shelter, Anderson, SC 29621 at 864-260-4151.

Please don't let this poor baby down!!

Deaf Cat Awaits for a New Home in FL!

What's up there?!

She just turned 1. Currently, she is in Florida in care of someone as a favor until she is spayed and vaccinated before she is up for adoption. She gets along with other cats as she is temporarily living with another deaf cat. She is a loving and sweet cat who enjoys to be in the company of others. While the preference is for her to go to a home locally in FL, other neighboring states or on the Northeast side would be considered as long as it will go to the best home that's a good match for her. Those who are interested to adopt her would need to be prepared for a vet reference, home visit, adoption fee and sign a contract. Interested parties, contact

zzz time

Meet Brein and his Deaf Dog!

Brein, who is deaf himself, gave deaf dogs a chance by adopting his own deaf dog and share the importance of giving deaf dogs what we take for granted in the Deaf community and that is the use of ASL and some aspects of its culture. Here is his vlog in ASL:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vote for Deaf Gunther in the Contest!

Go to this site and cast your vote for Gunther and see what prize brings for him! Gunther is one of four finalists in the cotest. Here's the link:

Monday, February 2, 2009

Deaf/Blind Lulu Lost in San Francisco, CA!

If you find Lulu or have any leads, please call Nikki 415 948 5972 and/or email Sherri,

A lady in San Francisco passed away, leaving her beloved dog, Lulu behind. Her daughter took her with her to Downey where she now had to take care of her ailing aunt. During her stay in Downey, poor Lulu may have tried to go home to her “mom” without knowing she passed away, and she’s now missing. She’s blind and deaf. Please help them recover Lulu and reward will be offered!

A Beautiful Story About a Deaf Pit Bull!


This is about how the relationship between a rescuer and Gunther was formed. Pit Bulls make up the most in shelters across the nation with misperceptions and stereotypes against them. And then you add deafness to the breed, which makes it a double whammy. They are very loving dogs. More about Gunther and the rescuer, go to:

Here's another unrelated article on a pit bull who turned out to be Chicago's new police dog:

Home Needed for Deaf Lab/Pit Mix in NY

Adopt Kyrpto

From a FIDO Member

I've been involved with Animal Haven Shelter for over a year now. This former no-kill shelter has changed it's mission and policies to be a limited-intake adoption center with the possibility of humane euthanasia for many animals. What it boils down to is there are many innocent cats and dogs whose lives are now at risk- simply due to restructuring.

In particular, there's a dog named Krypto who needs to be placed as soon as possible. Krypto is a 3 year old Lab-Pit mix, and he is deaf. He's a very loyal companion, who's happy to show off sit and is really looking for someone to guide him. He gets along with other dogs, and anyone he meets, and he is also mostly housebroken. Because he is deaf, he will need someone who can learn to be his guide and help him when he gets scared. See his pix:

Additionally, there are over 100 cats and other dogs who are at risk and in need of a home.

If you or anyone you know might be able to help in placing these pets, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

(917) 374-2815