Friday, March 9, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the categories and what do they mean?

ADOPT -- An animal found a permanent home.

DEATHROW -- A limited time in a shelter before it is put to sleep. No time can be wasted.

EUTHANSIA -- an animal is put to sleep due to no home is found.

FOSTER -- An individual offers her/his home to take care of the animal temporarily until adoption.

RESCUE -- An organization or individual(s) that helps pull out an animal, who is in danger of being put to sleep, from the kill shelter and is safe while trying to look for a foster home or a permanent home.

UNKNOWN -- Information on animal's status whether it's deathrow, rescued or fostered is not available yet.

2) I want to adopt! I know of a deaf animal needing adoption! I have a good video of my deaf critter! I want to share my story! How do I contact you?

Contact us anytime at

3) If I want to adopt or foster a deaf animal, but the problem is, I live in another state?

See the "Introducing Deaf Animal Row" vlog

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Creators of this Site: Marley Ava Murray

Katherine is owned by two of the most sweetest, lovable deaf dogs in the world, as you can see above, Marley and Murray! Katherine is the heart and blood of this site. She is in touch with many shelters and rescuers. She hopes to adopt more deaf animals down the road!

Raychelle is owned by Ava, a wonderful, easy-going and fun deaf cat who isn't afraid of water, especially sinks! Raychelle tries to help when she can juggle working on her dissertation among other things!