Friday, March 9, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the categories and what do they mean?

ADOPT -- An animal found a permanent home.

DEATHROW -- A limited time in a shelter before it is put to sleep. No time can be wasted.

EUTHANSIA -- an animal is put to sleep due to no home is found.

FOSTER -- An individual offers her/his home to take care of the animal temporarily until adoption.

RESCUE -- An organization or individual(s) that helps pull out an animal, who is in danger of being put to sleep, from the kill shelter and is safe while trying to look for a foster home or a permanent home.

UNKNOWN -- Information on animal's status whether it's deathrow, rescued or fostered is not available yet.

2) I want to adopt! I know of a deaf animal needing adoption! I have a good video of my deaf critter! I want to share my story! How do I contact you?

Contact us anytime at

3) If I want to adopt or foster a deaf animal, but the problem is, I live in another state?

See the "Introducing Deaf Animal Row" vlog