Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Snowflake, Deaf Cat, in Georgia. Help!?!?


She is called Snow Flake or Flake for short. Flake is about 8/9 months old now. She is quite the character and very amusing. She still needs to put on weight. She has been spayed and some old injuries caused by a dog with the previous owner have healed and the hair has grown back.

She is fine. A wild and crazy girl! She is the happiest little cat. She gets along with other animals although she tends to play rough. She likes to charge, tackle and run. My other cats are older and have no sense of humor. The dogs ignore her, but she and my chihuahua dog even wrestle. It is amusing.

She is intimidated by more aggressive cats. I have a young neutered male that tends to pick on her. She is kept in the back of the house with my other timid cats. So she is the aggressor among those. It's a circus, but lots of fun!


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