Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Deaf Australian Shepherd in AZ


CAN ANYONE HELP? STONE is, a beautiful male 18 month old Australian Shepherd. He is gorgeous and very, very sweet and he needs help badly. He lives with his breeder and has been challenging the dominant "stud" male. HE HAS NOT YET BEEN NEUTERED. he's scheduled for neuter June 16, the earliest date the breeder could get with a low cost certificate. It's a long time away.

The breeder is willing to keep him while we try to find him a home but today, it hit critical when he and the other male got into a serious fight. The breeder broke it up. Nobody got seriously hurt but Stone has to be separated from everyone else. He is deaf and very affectionate. He's starting to get separation anxiety. It's not a good situation with females in heat, stud males and Stone, unneutered and out of the picture.

Stone knows several commands in American Sign Language. He's eager to please, a bit insecure and needy and wants to stick close to his person and be reassured. He gets along fine with neutered males and dogs in general.

Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona is trying to help but we haven't come up with a solution.

Please help us help Stone find a loving home!

CONTACT: Nadia or Angela at 928-567-5555 OR goldenbone4pets@yahoo.com


deafanimalrow said...

Speaking of insecurity and needy, these can be easily overcome. My deaf dogs were like that when I first had them. With consistency, love and understanding of how to help them increase trust, they are no longer what they once were.

I often read about this in deaf dogs and want to assure that it is not permanent simply because they're deaf. Most of them went through puppyhood without any visual cues or sensitivity to their visual needs.


Anonymous said...

I live in Arizona. I am deaf. I am seeking a Deaf Dog. Does this dog get along with cats? I have a hearing Cat. Please email me at mswatts@asu.edu when you have the time.
I already contacted Lethal white deaf austrillan recuse group in Arizona. I plan to volunteer there.
THank you

deafanimalrow said...

First, thank you for considering a deaf dog adoption!

As far as whether or not this dog gets along with cats, it is something they can answer. Hope you'll hear from them soon.

I think it is wonderful that you plan to volunteer as there is always a need for it. Volunteers are what help save some animals.