Thursday, June 5, 2008

Deaf Cat Needs Home in Michigan!

Adopt me please!
I contacted this person who posted about this deaf cat. She responded with more information about this senior cat and I hope there's someone in Michigan or in neighboring states interested to adopt her to let her enjoy the rest of her life. She said her grandmother passed away and was able to find the other hearing cat a home. She is allergic to cats and not able to keep them. Here's her response:

She is fixed, all four paws are declawed. She is around 12-13 yrs old. She has had her shots, she is very healthy and wants to love you twenty four seven. She loves to sleep with you and be with you every minute she is home. She loves enough COLD WATER from the faucet and you have to turn the water on for her at least a few times a day for her to drink and play. She will come to hand signals and just wants to be loved. She has been and WILL always be an indoor cat. Anything else just let me know and thank you for your help.

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