Friday, March 6, 2009

Deaf Dog in Calif Has Until 3 PM Today!

I work at the Contra Costa Animal Services in CA. A deaf dog will be returned to the shelter by 3:00 today. I need to find a possible owner before then! Please put the word out and have anyone call me at 925-642-8099 or email me at We're desperate!



Anonymous said...

Why don't you post in Deaf Village? This is a deaf related article and I'm sick thinking that the dog might not have been saved (where is the dog now?) because this one was put in Extra. I think this post should have been on main.

Katherine said...

Thanks for your passion in looking out for the deaf animals and for sharing your concern.

We, besides others, have shared our concerns with the Deaf Read Team in the past and they disagree with us. Please feel free to share your concerns with the Deaf Read Team. With your voice as well as more from others, maybe Deaf Read will change their minds.

Meanwhile, thanks for your suggestion to post on Deaf Village, we shall join as of today!"