Monday, October 29, 2007

Fundraising for Marley

As you know, Marley is in critical condition (click here to see previous post), and Katherine needs at least $3,000 to hospitalize and find out what's really wrong with Marley. Please help send money!

Paypal is the fastest way you can send your money to Katherine/Marley, but be aware it comes with an automatic deduction. Paypal will deduct between %1.9 to %2.9 and .28 cents from your donation. For example, if you send $20.00, Katherine and Marley will get $19.12, and Paypal will get .88 cents. Send $50, Katherine gets $48.25. Not so bad? Send away! Every little bit helps!

Don't want to use Paypal but still want to contribute? Use your credit card to pay - see below:

Many thanks to Deaf258 for his help in finding this site & guiding me through the Paypal craziness :)



B.A.D. said...

With this $$$ (Which I do plan to DONATE)...will it really save Marley? Or is it a gamble 50/50??

I pray for Marley please keep us updated!!!! PLEASE!!!

... said...

b.a.d....i really don't know... it is impossible to predict how someone (or an animal) will do in the hospital. i do know the vets are working their hardest to save marley and katherine is doing everything she can too. the best we can do is think positive thoughts and help defray the expenses which are now piling up.

your concern and help means a lot to katherine and marley. i will keep you all updated as soon as i know something from katherine during this tough time....


Ella Mae Lentz said...

Count me in! I KNOW how much Katherine adores her dogs and how distressing this is!
She deserves much support after all what she's done to help many deaf fogs and cats and other animals!

... said...

ella mae,

i agree. everything katherine does for deaf animals on this site - all voluntary. she gives up so much of her time doing this, saving deaf animals (and many hearing animals as well) and it only makes sense we help her out now when she needs it the most. thank you!


Anonymous said...

Yes, even if it's 50/50. Like Raychelle says the expenses are moutning.. Even if she gets more than what she needs, the extras can go to her blog and expenses like her transporting the animals, dog food, etc.
My heart goes out to you all, Katherine, Marley, & Murray. I don't pray, but I will for you all! Hang in there and think positive thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I have not known katherine for a long time but I consider her my friend. She has helped me out in many ways. I will give what I can, I pray that Marley will pull through and for strength for Katherine. I know she loves her babies as much as I love mine four legged and two. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Alicia

Patty said...

How's sweet little Marley doing today? *thoughts and prayers*

B.A.D. said...

Please let us know how Marley is...I've been thinking about Marley constantly!! PRAYING!