Saturday, January 17, 2009

Purebred Deaf Senior Cat in MA


Our rescue took in Cashmere, an older (at least 10 years) cat, from an abusive situation. He is a stunner - purebred close and curly Devon Rex coat, with blue points. He is also a character - talks loudly and constantly, and is in constant motion when he's awake. He adores people, other cats are fine, but not of great interest to this regal beauty. All of his senior bloodwork and urine are normal, and normal thyroid function. However, he pees a lot! He benefits from having several boxes available to him.

We are interested in getting him into a home that will be able to care for a currently healthy senior. A free will adoption fee is fine, to help cover the vetting for this boy.

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Katherine said...

This cat is from the same rescue who adopted out 2 deaf cat brothers named Harpo and Zeppo to a deaf woman in Washington DC! Let's find Rex a wonderful home to live out his life.