Sunday, May 13, 2007

BoysTown's Cruel Animals Research on Deafness

No animals, deaf or hearing, deserve this kind of horrible treatment. All more reason to consider adopting, fostering or rescuing a deaf animal, because when we don't, animal research labs will take them to test for different things related to hearing loss. For instance, a newspaper reports that the deaf cats in a research study were not given painkillers when their nerves at the base of their brain surgery were cut. After the surgery, they wailed and were unable to stand up... Let's save our deaf cats and dogs from the animal research labs!


Dennis said...

Animal research is often unnecessarily cruel. Even if they have some justifiable reason to be doing it (not saying they always do)they need to better care for the animals they treat so badly.


Barb DiGi said...

Your blog surely is an eye opener when I read about how charities that we typically donate can be attributed to animal cruelty! Damn it, I never knew this!

These experiments are so senseless especially when we already have this long term documents about behavior differences. Why continue doing it when we already know the outcomes? Are these people really that dumb?

Also thanks to PETA and this security undercover guard to investigate about BoysTown, it came to a halt in 1996. But what about any such experiments going on right now? What can we do to give this support to prevent such animal cruelty? I have been a member of Humane Society by contributing money which is the best I can do for now.

You made me feel like running home and hugging my dog right now!! (*sobbing*)

Dianrez said...

Necessary and sometimes lifesaving animal research might be, these are examples of unneccessary suffering and waste.

Not giving anesthesia, carrying on careless experiments so that the subjects die before providing key information, and unsupervised, unapproved experiments give science a bad name.

Add to that: some of these experiments are for cochlear implant surgery research. Causing unneccessary animal suffering so that babies can be drilled into? I don't think so! It is only a step from destroying animals to destroying the cochleas of children in the pursuit of Hearing.