Thursday, May 31, 2007

Save This 1 Year Old Deaf Cat Please!!!


I have 1 years old deaf white cat who needs home by tomorrow. I'm from Cinncinnati, Ohio. I tried to find him a home but no luck. I'm moving out tomorrow because apartment do not permit pet. He's friendly and loveable. He gets along with cats and dogs. I do not want to have to put him in a shelter.

P.S. The person who has the deaf cat contacted us at for help. Since it's a very short notice, if there is anyone who can provide a temp foster for him nearby Cinncinnati until we find someone to take him for a longer period of foster or adoption. If any of you know someone who lives in Ohio, do spread the word. Please email us at to let us know so we can help this person avoid taking the cat to the shelter. We are confident we'll find him a home but we need time.


Anonymous said...

we are interested pleaase contact us

Ella Lentz said...

Hi, I think the above comment was by Judy, my partner, You should have my email address, so if you could hook us up with the owner of the Deaf cat, please do asap. We lost one looking very similar to that cat so would like to see if we are a good match for the cat.