Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cson and Her 2 Deaf Dogs

I just sort of happened upon this site by accident! So glad that I did! I am a member of the deafdogs egroup and deaf jrt though I am NO MAIL on both right now. Life, kids, dogs, husband, you name it. They ALL demand my time!

I got started with deaf dogs doing Jack Russell Rescue. After fostering a few I found that they weren't any different than other dogs. They just required a different kind of owner and a different kind of training. I later adopted my first deaf dog, Emil. Years later, I adopted another deaf dog. I love my terriers but the deaf dogs are such a joy to me. Mine are french bulldogs.

Emil is almost six years old and his younger brother Nugget is two. They are truly the best dogs we have ever been owned by!


Kathryn said...


Your story brought the glow in my heart. I always enjoy any kinds of stories about animals.

I am glad there are people like you that take great pride in taking care, loving, teaching, and so on.

Thanks for sharing this inspirited story. Also, it's another way for us to learn more about dog breed by wandering off on the surf and educate ourselves about those breed! We all need to read them once a while and lift our day!


Squ65 said...

I am a dog die-hard lover. I've worked at the veterinary for 6 years now. I have seen many Deaf dogs and cats. No difference.


mochame said...

I always want a deaf jrt. I hope i can get the time is right for me and I have a hearing jrt dog so much amazing that she know a few sign language. She is fun-loving animal.

Michele said...

Cute doggies you have there! I have a deaf dog, he has been so great, never bit anyone (I mean NEVER), and very kind-hearted dog. We are so proud to have him. He was supposed to be put to sleep but luckily for us we rescued him.