Friday, June 15, 2007

Deaf Dolphin's Baby Calf Dies

A time for mourning along with the deaf dolphin who lost her beloved calf. Like any mothers, it must be tough. I wish the calf is left alone by the humans because the deaf dolphin is capable of looking after her calf. Testing will be done to determine why calf died.

Here are two beautiful pictures of the calf:


Joseph Rainmound said...

It is very very hard for a dolphin to be born in captivity from what I know. The same for whales and many other animals. Still, this struck me. Thank you for posting this, as I read about the birth a couple days ago, but hadn't seen anything about problems.

The Critic said...

That is so sad.

Katherine said...

I do agree how hard it is for any animal or mammal while in captivity. What strikes me as odd is why are the humans feeding the baby dolphin when its own mother is very capable of that.

While it is only speculation on my part, I surely hope this dolphin, being deaf, is not the factor that leads them to think this baby dolphin needs to be taken care of by the humans.

It is like how some parents of deaf child take over his or her grandchildren because they think their deaf child can't take care of them.

I have wondered whether or not this baby dolphin's hearing has been tested as it can be genetic.

Lantana said...

Yes, yes, I agree, why are they handling this baby Dolphin so much? I understand that HANDLING is a NO No. The baby looks healthy enough.

Here on the Coast we are cautioned never to handle the wildlife that we find on the beach. Once a human odor is on a baby, the natural mothers are put on the defensive!


Jean Boutcher said...


I must agree with you on this point. Animals get upset if human
beings touch their babies. Seeing or without seeing them doing that,
mothers are still able to smell the
human touch very keenly.

Squ65 said...

Deaf Dolphin Castaway (her name) cannot live out in the sea due to her deafness. She ended up to the shore for three times. I am not expert on this but she has to depend on the sounds to survive out there. It is pretty complicated thou. Yes it is sad to hear the baby calf has passed away. The calf is hearing because he responsed its mom's sounds (unlike dolphins' normal sound -- how interesting huh?) I think he had been sick for a while. Or... Is it Possibly they handled the calf too much time -- lack of touching or feeding from her own mom. :-( Poor Mom.

Rodrigo said...

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Lisa C. said...

I agree with Lantana. I have heard the mother animals killed their babies once they smell the human odor being placed on them.
Animal handlers,
Leave the babies ALONE! Deaf mothers can handle their babies as we the human mothers can do to ours.