Monday, June 18, 2007

Please Help! 4 years old Deaf JRT has 24-48 Hours Left!

FURTHER UPDATED: After the email about Gus's euthansia went around, a good number of people, deaf and hearing, were upset about this as he had a good chance, especially one has offered to drive up from Missouri to take him. One of the people from the deafdogs group shared this story:

"It isn't just parents that need to teach the kids! In my neighborhood, I'm known as the 'crazy bitch' lady. A moniker that I proudly wear! I was walking my dog (big o' deaf Ambully) past the park and saw some kids throwing rocks at a raggedy little spaniel mix. Well, I got on my cell and called the cops and then started throwing rocks at the kids! I got a good one right in the middle of the back! The cops showed up about the same time as this little boy's mom. She went off on me and I went off on her and the kid! I got a $10.00 ticket which the judge said I should have followed "appropriate" channels to teach the boy a lesson. (I thought I did!) The mom got 2 tickets totaling $500.00. One for animal cruelty and the other for not controlling her kid."

UPDATED: EUTHANIZED. It is with regret that the owner didn't want to wait for 24-48 hours as requested by Kim when owner asked her to find him a home and instead, she went ahead to her vet to have Gus euthanized. Gus paid the consequences when the owner allowed the kids to be mean to Gus. That is why we need to do our part because there are rescuers like Kim who have too many dogs.

I work in a grooming shop. I received a call from an older woman. She has a 4 years old deaf and housebroken JRT. He is updated on his shots, but he is not neutered. She got him from a breeder who got him back because of his deafness. I guess things were going fairly well until she became a guardian of 2 small children. The children have not been very nice & he has bit & snapped at them. Everyone in her family says the dog has to go. I know rescues are full. I do miniature schnauzer rescue and I have 9 dogs in my house at present and they are small dogs. I have no room, but I want Gus to have a chance. Poor Gus is to be euthanized in 24 to 48 hrs. It's not fair he has to die due to human stupidity. Can you help please? I hope to hear back from you soon. Time is of the essence. Thank you for hearing me out and contact me either
via phone or email.

Name: Kim Livingston
Phone: 3094323334
City: Minonk
State: IL


Lantana said...

I live on the Oregon Coast and would like to have a deaf dog, but do not know how to go about it. I think a JRT would be a bit much for someone my age, tho. How come so many Dalmations and JRT are born deaf? From in-breeding? Just curious. I love to know the facts! I think a Boxer would suit me the best, as to temperment!


deafanimalrow said...

You can go to

Once you get there, you'll notice a few dogs listed with limited time that need to be saved. Consider these first if possible.

When you scroll down further, click on location where you want to find a deaf dog of your choice, then it'll show you a list of them that are currently with a rescue group or a foster home.

Also, you can inquire about transportation arrangement and sometimes they can offer it.

Hope this helps!

Tesshe said...

Just want to express myself. I have three deaf jack russells. All are so sweet and lovely dogs. They bring the love in the house and yes we have 5 dogs. Who cares but its the love of the family. It is Gods plan to have deaf jack russells to put into a right home. I used to have deaf dalmation also I love deaf dogs.
Want to send all this emails to those lady who send that dog to sleep, Put some guilty on her and she will learn to live in a scared dream. So sad but I am willing to help as far as I can. I have recued Loki ( Now Prince) few weeks ago. Hes now a very happy dog and refused to leave the house. He all wants to stay with us and sleep with us. Hes a charming dog so other as Emma and Peaches also.
Keep the teamwork and we all have a good charm to help deaf dogs.
Jack Russells are not bad as hyper but they can be learned and they are a fast learner.
Tammy from Frederick