Monday, June 4, 2007

Deaf Pup Euthanized on June 8, 2007!!


UPDATED: This pup is expected to be picked up tomorrow by a foster mom after this wonderful rescue 501c3 and her connection had him pulled from harm's way. Will confirm tomorrow.

Someone is now crossposting this with rescue groups in California to see if anyone can pull this deaf pup out of the kill shelter. But, if one of you can volunteer to foster, please let us know at asap so we can inform this to someone to encourage a rescue group to come forward and help this deaf pup before June 8th or this pup will die. Thanks!

At the Sacramento SPCA:
probably a Fox Terrier
only 7 months old
neg heartworm
all vaccinations
will be euth'd Friday, 6/8 @ 6pm
can only be rescued by a 501c3 rescue group
call Liz @ 916-383-7387 ext. 9108 leave msg.

UPDATE: Check The deaf puppy isn't on the Sacramento SPCA adoption list online, but it's still scheduled for euthansia this Friday! Also, on the adoption list, you will find a deaf Australian Shepherd, Peter Pan, in need of a home and please consider adopting this dog as well.


Karyn said...

God bless you! You've saved the love ones as much as you strived and efforted. I'm animal lover, too. Have you thought about exchange the banners with other sites similar yours like,, vet websites, and etc. People can surf your website via other sites and surprisedly, people may wanted to adopt the deaf dogs or deaf cats, who knows. The world is full of surprises :) Some people didn't realize that a dog is the only thing on earth that loves his master/family more than he loves her/himself. It's funny how dogs and cats know the inside of folks better than other folks do, isn't it?

If you need help, I'd be more than happy to assist. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness gracious-
If you go to this link phone nbr is 404-541-9494. THEY do take any pets (Deaf)desperately need to be place or get away from "EUTHANIZED"
It is in Georgia.
hope that helps.

IamMine said...

What's the update for today, Ray?

I'm curious because I'll ask some hearing animal lovers if there isn't any deaf animal lovers who is able to take this one before the kill Friday.

Where is this pup located, if I may ask?

IamMine said...

Oh, sorry... just re-read that someone is already in the process of rescuing this pup!


Katherine said...

Hi Iammine:

What made you think this deaf pup is rescued? He is still at the kill shelter at the SPCA in Sacramento, waiting to be pulled out before June 8th. We are hoping he can be saved. Please do share with people you know.

deafanimalrow said...

Hi Iammine:

What made you think this deaf pup is rescued? He is still at the kill shelter at the SPCA in Sacramento, waiting to be pulled out before June 8th. We are hoping he can be saved. Please do share with people you know.

Mon said...

I can foster the puppy. How do i go about doing this.

VK said...

is this Fox Terrier available? Has it been rescued, adopted or fostered yet?

deafanimalrow said...

Someone is expected to be there tomorrow early afternoon to meet the pup. Hope that person would take it out. But, if not, there is a few people near Sacramento area, who are ready to be a back up. Will keep you all posted.

IamMine said...

Sigh...I was very, very tired today when I read this:

"Someone is now crossposting this with rescue groups..."

I thought the pup was in process of being rescued.

Some days I just don't read very well.

But I hope the pup will be taken out of that place and be in a loving home!

I look forward to good news!

Thanks for bearing with my ignorance...

judy Gough said...

the dog is still there I requested that the deadline to be postponed i am to call Liz who works with terrier tomorrow to tell her that anyone is free to adopt the dog. I saw him and petted him. Hee is very difficult to handle is because his owners did not train him there is no eye contact between him and myself. i strongly encourage a skilled trainer to train him fr a few weeks before he can be released to a new owner. anyone can foster him but it will require a lot of time and patience to work with him to rescue a dog from spca they require a proof of stamped paper from president of rescue groups 501c3 I was nota ble to rescue because the law limits four dogs per house . but if i have paper to show they they would release without a question. I am waiting for your reponse i sent last night I am very interested to work with you but an organization needs to be established and get 501c3 from perahps afflite with one of rescue groups temporary please contact me

Squ65 said...

A cute little Peter Pan! I hope he has found a nice decent home with a loving family! My dream is to run the Deaf kennel .. lol. Diane

Dog lover said...

As I am reading this.. Im back and forth trying to decide if this pup has been adopted or not.
Please update on this pup.