Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Time Running Out For NJ Deaf Dog!


Hi deaf dog lovers,

I uploaded a new adoption listing for a 1 y/o Dogo Argentino that is GORGEOUS. She's in a shelter in Teterboro, NJ. Like lots of shelters, they are cramped for space and have to make decisions. Apparently, the vet is advocating that Chloe be euthanized soon since she's been at the shelter for a few months although she seems to be a real gem.

IF YOU CAN HELP CHLOE, please get in touch with me.


"Chloe is a one-year-old Dogo Argentino who is deaf. She's a sweetheart and a lot of the volunteers at the shelter have become attached to her, but our new vet thinks she's been here too long and wants to PUT HER DOWN.

Chloe needs help QUICKLY. She is very loving and responsive to attention. She is fine with being handled and hasn't shown any possessiveness. She gets excited often and will jump up to kiss you. Chloe seems to enjoy other dogs, but she does plays rough. Her owner told us Chloe is housebroken and crate trained. She was surrendered
because the owner's daughter was afraid of her since she plays roughly.

Since she's deaf, it's the funniest thing to walk through the kennels filled with barking dogs, and then you get to Chloe, who is asleep on a blanket -- oblivious to it all.

She's really a wonderful dog, and if you can give Chloe a loving home she would be forever grateful. If you're even considering it, please come meet her -- we guarantee that you'll fall in love with her like we all have. HURRY -- her time is running out."

Michelle Cohen
Bergen County Animal Shelter
100 United Lane
Teterboro, New Jersey 07608


B.A.D. said...

Please - send this to the NJ-L NEWS or USA-L news. Keep us posted...PLEASE!! I hope they can save the dog!!!

DeafAnimalRow said...

You or others can spread the word, including posting on certain sites. DeafAnimalRow can't do it all and it is a team effort by all of us. We appreciate anyone doing their part. Thank you!

Squ65 said...

Sigh .. My hands are tied but I hope Chloe is saved or rescued soon.

... said...

NJ-L is on vacation for a week, until next week so when Phil returns we hope he can post it right away!

Squ65 said...

Whew Chloe is saved. From now on -- I will post this news for Deaf dog adoption here in Boston area. Smile -- Teamwork is the Key.